Shiva Idol Hindu God Shiva Padmasana Lotus Pose Sitting Wooden Shaiva Statue ...

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Hindu god Shiva are Sitting in meditation mudra. Lord Shiva Statue is made of wooden. Lord Shiva is a highly revered Hindu deity, who is the part of the great holy Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh/Shiva the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer). Shiv means welfare. Shiva is not only a Lord but is also considered as the prime God in the Panchdev Pujan. In the Shiv Mahimna strot, Pushpadant has described him in a wonderful manner by mentioning him as unborn, the reason for the everyone s existence, creator, nurturer and destroyer. Size : 11 Inches Height X 7 Inches wide X 5 Inches depth. Weight : 1.32 Kg, Material : Wooden.

Weight 1320 Gms
Material wood
Size (11hx7wx5d) In inches