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Kamdhenu Cow statue Brass Religious Goddess Hindu Idol Kamadhenu (kama-dhenu, 'wish-cow'), was a miraculous cow of plenty who could give her owner whatever he desired. She was sometimes said to be the daughter of Daksha, and the wife of the rishi Kasyapa. Kamadhenu appeared on earth as one of the precious things that were brought to light in the Churning of the Ocean Size : 7 Inch Height x Inch wide x 4 Inch Depth Weight : 1.6 kg Material : Brass Kamdhenu cow is Prana (life) of Hindu Culture. It is worshipped like holy rivers and scriptures. Kamdhenu cow is the mother of all living creatures. All Hindus respect cow as the symbol of Hindu religion. Kamdhenu cow is the mother of divine qualities and on earth it is equivalent of Goddess. Kamdhenu cow idol along with its calf is the symbol of prosperity and Vatsalya (love that a mother feels for a child). It can be placed in the room of children and guests In Hindu religion cow has attained the status of holy mother worthy of worship. Kamdhenu is a miraculous "cow of plenty" who provides her owner whatever he desires and is often portrayed as the mother of other cattle as well as the eleven Rudras. The religious belief behind it says that it originated from Samudra Manthan. It has attained greatest place in Hindu religion. The Goddess Shri Kamadhenu is sometimes depicted as a cow, but sometimes also as a mystical winged cow with a peacock's tail and the head of a beautiful woman -------------- Pls beware from Copy product & ensure buying authentic product. This is exclusive product of Brand " Collectible India" and "covered by intellectual property rights laws". 'Collectible India' do not authorize any other Brand/Seller to sell it and won't be responsible if any copy or substandard product send by any other seller.

Weight 1600 Gms
Material Metal
Size (7 H x 1 w x 4 D ) In Inches